Sports Ground

We believe in the propagation of the all round development of a child. With our vast grounds, the students get an exposure to play to their optimal limits for the physical exercise which is a must as 'Sound mind dwells in a Sound body'.

The school owns a lovely cricket field, a foot ball ground, basketball court and a volleyball court.

Volleyball courts
Two volleyball courts of 18 x 9 mts each in the sprawling grounds of the school serve as the right platform for the students.

Indoor games
Different team activities and provision of training in various indoor games like Chess, Carrom & Ludo provides ample chance to the students to enjoy the intricacies of games.

Various track and fields activities motivate the students to remain energised and give their best.

Football Ground
The white ball of Soccer takes a smooth ride on the green carpet of the ground and here the students are trained in the kick and head of the game of football.

Cricket Pitch
Cricket being the first love of Indians the school hosts a 65 yards pitch for a sound exposure of students to this international game. It also caters to the concept of net practice, therefore two net practice pitches find a place in the arena.

Play ground for tiny toddlers
To foster the need of growing up beyond classrooms, the vast sprawling green fields of School provide a happy sojourn for the toddlers.

Equipped with the slides and swings, snakes and ladders on the floor, a merry-go-round to supplement to the other playgrounds, this green field for the toddlers is a place that resounds with laughter and giggles and innocent shouts.

Other Facilities


Teach Next - Maths lab - Experience Maths the Hands-on Way. Complying to the new concept of adding a Maths lab.   

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Science Lab

The Umme Khadija English Medium School is provided science lab. Science is different from any other subject.    

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Computer Lab

Training children from Grade I to IX, to make them computer savvy, the computer lab is colourfully designed to suit the mood    

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There are numerous books present in our library, which gives multiple information different categories of books such as literature,   

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Special Classes

Umme Khadija English Medium School provides special activities as well as Co scholastic Classes like Karate, Music, Abacus ,Art.   

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Transport facility is provided to 18 villages & 2 cities. The school is maintaining an excellent fleet of comfortable, well maintained buses   

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The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. Based on this principal, Darul Falah Educational Society has launched a school with a difference, an English medium school

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